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So, you have decided to buy yourself a comfortable couch? Well done! Let me give you a fair warning. Lounging on your perfect couch is going to be the easy part but finding one may be more challenging than you imagined.  A couch is one of the most significant investments that you will make for your home.

Did you know the average person sits on his or her couch for 4 hours every day? You will lounge, eat, read, drink, entertain, watch tv, and, even sleep on this nifty piece of furniture. Hopefully, this togetherness lasts a few years, if not more. Before you start your search, use these tips to get an idea of what you need and choose wisely, of course-

  • FRAME– You must start by picking a sturdy frame for your couch. A durable and long-lasting frame may be made of hardwood construction like kiln-dried oak, beech, ash, alder, poplar, maple, teak, or walnut. Some of these may be expensive options but are well worth the investment. For more affordable options, you could try pine frames which last about approximately 5 years. Frames made of plastic, metal, or particleboard should be avoided as they may be too fragile or wobbly.
  • FILLING– What’s inside a couch is as important, if not more, as what’s used on the outside. One must neither pick a foam that is too dense/hard nor one that is too soft or easily perishable. High-Resilient (HR) foam wrapped in feather filling is used for the top of the line couches.  Feathers ensure the softness of a couch while HR foam provides shape, structure, and firmness.
  • SPRINGS– Hand-tied springs are used for best quality couches. They’re extremely sturdy and comfortable. A more affordable option could be serpentine springs. These are pre-assembled sections of twisted wire.  At all costs, avoid light serpentine springs as they often break or sag.
  • JOINERY– A couch should be held together strongly by wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, or metal screws and brackets. A couch solely held together with nails, staples, and glue are usually too fragile.
  • FABRICS– You must consider your lifestyle while picking a suitable fabric for your couch. Organic fabrics (cotton or linen) and performance fabrics are durable and easy to clean options for pet-friendly or kid-friendly households. Stay away from colors or patterns that are trendy or flamboyant. Pick neutral colors or patterns that will match your style and living room as long as the couch lasts.
  • MEASUREMENT– Measure the ideal dimensions for your coach to fit and suit your space. It’s also important to consider any doorways or stairways the couch will pass through.

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