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In today’s customer-driven world, producers are using every trick in the book to meet customer needs. As customer needs grow and expand, the one size fits all approach does not work. Customization allows consumers to modify products, as per their likes and needs thereby, empowering them to become co-producers of their purchases. One may pick out different colors, designs, and patterns for a customized product. This allows consumers to be distinct while still being associated with a specific brand. These distinct products are often supplied in high volumes for mass customization.

Producer’s Dilemma

Mass customization brings it with the challenges of increased costs and complex supply chain systems. However, technologies such as 3D printing and laser etchers are helping drive this shift. Mass customization also helps put a live feedback system in place. With trends evolving at lightning speed, producers find it incredibly challenging to keep up with shifting consumer preferences. Brands that offer customization can gain insights from latest customer tastes for new product development. As co-creators, consumers often reshare their creations acting as promoters for the brand. X-Box managed to take this a step further by creating a franchise business model for its customized Xbox controllers. In 2017, X-Box gave its users the freedom to customize their controller designs and claim their ownership. Every sale made by a user’s design provided the user a cut of the sale. Even though a customized X-Box controller cost about 40% more, the incentive to customize led to a sales growth of 350%.

Brands that offer customization can gain insights from
customer designs for new product development

Consumer Psyche

Mass Customization does a splendid job of creating multiple options. With numerous customizations available, brands empower the consumers even more. Millennials find this especially enticing as they appreciate the distinctness of their customized product purchases. Product Visualization of customized products has proved to increase engagement among consumers and make the entire experience rather enjoyable. Customization not only makes consumers more invested in the buying process but also increases the product’s value in the minds of consumers, due to its personalized touches. 

At Kosaa, we strongly believe in putting the power of customization in the hands of the consumer. We aspire to democratize the interior design process making it simple, accessible, and fun for everyone. We want to guide you to envision your dream home. Start dreaming, customize away…

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