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Easy tips to upgrade your home office

“Working from home” isn’t uncommon anymore. The pandemic has the majority of us working from the comfort of our homes. As a remote worker, carving a dedicated workspace ensures one can get down to business. Though the couch or bed looks extremely tempting, a setup that is too comfortable may hamper our productivity. A home office must inspire our creative flow and ensure work efficiency. Here are some essentials to build your very own work from a home office –

  • DEDICATED SPACE– A specific space that one must sit down to work at is essential. Working from the couch or bedroom often makes us feel lethargic and could make us counterproductive. A dedicated workspace need not be a full room. It could be a small setup in the living room or guest room.

  • A COMFORTABLE CHAIR– Work from home often goes on for more hours than working from an office. Prolonged computer use could lead to bad posture. Investing in a good chair with back support and armrest is essential for your overall comfort and posture.
  • GOOD LIGHTING – One must not underestimate the effects of lighting on your work abilities and mood. A brighter workspace makes one more cheerful and energetic. Furthermore, appropriate office lighting results in improved accuracy and concentration at work. One must have enough light to easily read papers, make notes, and read the screen monitor. For additional lighting, add a lamp but ensure that there is no glare on
    the screen monitor.
  • ESSENTIAL STATIONERY – Keep some notepad and pens handy for jotting down ideas and quick thoughts. A filing cabinet or a whiteboard could be added, if space allows.
  • PLANTS TO SOOTHE – Adding plants to any space adds color and brightness. But plants aren’t merely decorative items. Plants filter the air, manage stress, and increase our productivity too.
  • PERSONAL TOUCHES – Having some personal touches in your home office could ensure your office setup isn’t too dreary while you work all day. A calendar, photo frame, your favorite coffee cup, or travel souvenirs can add some personality and warmth to your office.

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