A Spiritual retreat center designed as a budding lotus flower

The temple was originally built in 1992 and was rebuilt to its original form due to an unexplained fire in 2014. The rehabilitated temple of light is the design genius of Patkau Architects. Its sculptural design comprises of eight panels imitating a lotus bud. The white, octagonal structure was made using a single shell formation repeated 8 times. Each panel allows more light to enter the temple making it airier and more spacious. The temple’s graceful design is coherent with the surrounding aesthetics of the surrounding forest and nearby lake.

Project Credits:
Client: Yasodhara Ashram Society
Architect Team John Patkau (FRAIC), Patricia Patkau (FRAIC), Luke Stern, Mike Green, John Lacy, Tom Schroeder, Peter Suter
Structural: Equilibrium Consulting
Mechanical/Electrical: Integral Group
Contractor: Alfred Horie Construction
Timber Fabrication: Spearhead
Area: 185 m2 (Primary Reflection Space) / 139 m2 (Auxillary)
Location: Kooteny Bay BC
Sources: https://www.canadianarchitect.com/unseen-forces-temple-of-light-kootenay-bay-british-columbia/, https://www.azuremagazine.com/article/best-canadian-architecture-2018/

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